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  • LEGS, BUMS AND BUBBAS runs as a five week course, block booked with the option to try one session first before signing up. 
  • Classes are designed for mums who want to increase strength and get in shape after having a baby. 
  • Bring your children! There's no age limit. Babies and toddlers enjoy the class and school age children attend in the holidays. 
  • The class is for all abilities and is energetic and fun. You are encouraged to take it at your own pace. 
  • Speak to Kate before booking if you feel unsure or anxious, most mums do  which is completely understandable and normal!
  • It's a lovely way to make friends with an online messenger group for each class, for mums to chat and support each other!

what happens in the classes?...

  • You are all in the same situation, don't worry!! 
  • The class is fun and light hearted. You attend to your baby anytime and take rests as much as you need to.  
  • Uplifting dance music is always played and you will have a good full body workout! 
  • Children normally become pre-occupied with the activity, music and toys available and you can also bring any equipment or toys for your children.
  • Most mums worry that their child won't behave or stay quiet! Kate is a mum herself and of course knows the children won't do as they are told, this is definitely not a problem!! Play it by ear with your child, normally mums are pleasantly surprised!
  • The children can roam around freely in class and we want them to enjoy themselves too!  
  • Crying, nappy changing, sleeping, feeding, etc is all part of it. You may incorporate your children into some of the exercises but this is entirely upto you.

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